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The fluorine isgenerated by medium temperature method in this system, equation is as follows:

Remove foreign matter from unrefined fluorine obtained bypurification, and then filter it and compress it to store in a basin, andfinally mixed with inert gases and transfer to device for using.

System canprovide pure fluorine to user (Purity99%), or mixed gasmade by fluorine and other inert gases with concentration required by user,such as fluorine-nitrogen mixed gas e.g. 5%, 10%, 20% etc., the capacity of thesystem can be designed according to dosage needed by user.


  • System can be assembled as aall-in-one machine, or arranged and placed according to users’ requirement;

  • Equipped with device interfacethat can exchange electrolytic cell etc., which made the maintenance notinfluence gas supply;

Equippedwith on site air purification device, even when maintenance or exchange of device, it can protect the environment of theproduction field.